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  • 20 March, 2017, Common annual report errors,  an article by Ilga Matule, SIA Leinonen Audit certified auditor in Latvian published in the web site of iFinanses Online Journal on finances, tax, accounting, labor and commercial law.

  • 20 February 2017, Update on corporate income tax, an article by Ina Spridzāne, Head of Advisory Unit of SIA Leinonen in the web site of iFinanses, Online Journal on finances, tax, accounting, labor and commercial law.

  • 28 October 2016, A new book
     ''Accounting Organisation documents - development guide''  by certified  auditor Ilga Matule released. The books is intended for accountants and company managers responsible for bookkeeping in the company. It contains recommendations on how the documents should be prepared to be helpful for the company and provide useful information to employees in relation to the current accounting provisions. Develop accounting policy to serve your company needs! The book includes examples and templates of all the mandatory components and current law provisions of the organization's accounting documents and takes into account "Annual report and consolidated annual report law" in force from 2016. The book is available via e-shop of the publisher Lietišķais informācijas dienests. 

  • 1 August, 2016, Ina Spridzāne, SIA Leinonen consultant analyzes legal justification in relation to the SRS reference to VAT for a car that is classified as a lorry. It stated that the taxpayer is not entitled to deduct input tax in full, if the vehicle category N1 is not used for transportation of goods but people and their luggage only. The Article ''Analysing SRS statement on VAT for a car classified as a lorry'' in Latvian published in Online Journal iFinanses on finances, tax, accounting, labor and commercial law.


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